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Ever feel like Big Brother is watching your every move?

Well he is.  Except it’s not a he, it’s an app.  And with Forrester predicting Europe’s online retail sales will hit €191bn by 2017 it is easy to see why.

MappedIn describes mobile marketing, or geo-targeting, as targeting consumers with relevant products to purchase while they are in the location will make mobile marketing more relevant and less intrusive, changing the way mobile marketing is executed.

mobile mkting

Mobile marketing has now become an important part of the overall marketing mix. According to Adam Grunwery, M.D. at Searchable Digital Marketing Agency social media networks, like Facebook and Twitter, are increasingly using fans locations through third party installed apps to allow them provide additional marketing opportunities for businesses.  Location based apps or ‘lo-so’ networks like Foursquare and Loopt enable any business with a physical location not only communicate with customers on-line but actually get more of them to walk in the door.

Over half of all internet browsing now happens on mobile devices.  Smartphone users research information and make their purchases while on the go – on the bus, in work or even in the supermarket checkout queue.  This is the beauty of location based marketing, it brings the product to you – a bit like having your own virtual personal shopper. Except this personal shopper doesn’t clock out at 6 p.m., this one follows you home and helps you through your sleepless nights at 4 a.m.  Spot of early morning shoe shopping anyone?


‘The next wave in social media marketing will be harnessing the power of location based technology’ that’s according to Kevin Alansky, CMO of He believes that by understanding customers location patterns companies can better predict the users behaviors, allowing them to create the perfect marketing opportunity – right product in the right place.

Strategic product placement at its best.  Kind of like steering you into the wine section on a Friday evening.  It would be rude not to….wouldn’t it?  The future of social media marketing is bright and it’s most certainly mobile…Even if it is a little bit of a stalker.

cyberstalkerHere is Kevin Alansky of speaking about mobile marketing: